Company Profile

BCA is a family owned and operated company. Our business revolves around compressed air equipment.
We offer various compressor brands, types, and sizes. Our experience runs from manufacturing to distributing, installing to servicing.
Extended offerings include air dryers, filtering equipment, replacement parts, lubricants, hoses, and most other compressed air related items.

The knowledge we have gained starts back in the 1960's when Fran Fuer, after serving his country in the Air Force, began his compressed air career as a service technician. With that fundamental beginning and all the way to current industry design & product development, our dad has helped us grow up to accumulate mechanical skills and expertise.

We have now created our own company and can claim over 30 years total experience dealing in the compressor industry. Our core goal is to offer quality products at competitive prices. We want our customers to feel confident that their needs are taken care of properly so they concentrate on running and building their business without added stress.

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